Private Impound/Repossession Entry Site Instructions

Private Impound Entry Website URL:

You can click the link above to access the site.

You can utilize any of the current versions of industry standard browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE compatability available soon).

When you enter your first PPI/repo tow, you will enter a 10 digit phone number associated with your company and click on lookup.

This number must be a functioning number for your company as the Municipality will use this number to contact you if there is conflicting information or if they have any questions.
You will receive a response stating "we did not find company matching this number, please enter company information".

Proceed to complete the remainder of the form.

After pressing the Click to Send Your Report button you will receive a confirmation similar to the below:

If you have omitted any required fields, the form will not be submitted and the fields will be outlined in red.

If you are having trouble with an entry, please call AutoReturn at 855-807-9336. Please provide the nature of the issue you are experiencing.
Please indicate from which municipality you are calling and provide the name and telephone number of your company before providing the towed vehicle information.
They may be able to assist you with the issue that you are experiencing.

For question pertaining to site access or pre-launch questions please contact Ron Perry at 866-491-8820.